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The Ruzzuti Estate Vineyard, elevation of 1100, consists of three blocks, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot. These vines were planted in the spring of 2000, and have been producing since 2003, with each year expressing a continuation of maturity in the overall flavor profile. The Ruzzuti vineyard soils are quite different than that of the Powerline Vineyard, the alkali dominance in the soil provides some opportunity to gather through the fruit some intense flavors. The management of the vineyard is tightly held by Henderson and his father Willis Orchard. With intense observation and direct involvement, the vineyard is continually given only the “Best”.

With the number one goal of achieving the highest quality of fruit, this vineyard, like the Powerline Estate Vineyard, is consistently cropped between 1 ˝ and 2 tons maximum per year. Again, knowing that these grapes growing, in the end, will have the Hence Cellars name on the bottle produced. This is the greatest reward of all, growing, crushing, fermenting, aging, and then bottling, all from start to finish. Not a challenge or goal, every winery is willing to undertake, but the only way Hence Cellars would have it.

Please look for when available, any of the Estate bottled wines. You won’t be disappointed; only pleasured on so many levels.

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