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The HENCE CELLARS winery is located on the south side of Walla Walla on shared grounds with the Orchards personal residence. The estate vineyards provide the landscape between the two. The construction is unique and different in many aspects, but the most obvious is that the outside walls are constructed with solid logs, and the roof of copper color, which makes it easy find from a very long distance away.

The logs give a unique look and comfort not normally associated with a winery. In addition, the size of the logs provide the necessary insulation values desired to maintain the optimum temperatures consistent with making quality wines. The intent from the beginning was to first create a well functioning, high quality production facility, which also generated a sense of feeling that would enhance the wine experience from both the technical side and also the presentation side associated when experiencing an ultra-premium Walla Walla wine. With over 8,000 square feet of useable space, that includes two barrel rooms, a production area, and covered crush pad, the facility still was able to sneak in the most intimate of features, such as a cozy little "Guest Room", that will extend to many, an unforgettable experience of lodging at the winery.

Current production sits plus or minus 1,200 cases a year, with 90% of the fruit grown and managed by me (Henderson), and my father Willis”Papa” Orchard. The focus is on quality control, from the grape to the "Juice". We take the fruit and extracts a concentrated delightful blend of fruit with 100% new oak, which is a mix of French, American, and a "sprinkle" of Hungarian Oak. The process is not one of speed, considering the wines avg. 24-28 months in barrel, which is critical in order to get that balance of fruit and barrel flavors. In the end, the quality of our wines is our reward, on top of knowing that we grew,, crushed, fermented, bottled and barreled these award winning wines. Not to many wineries can claim that level of involvement, or association.

Our focus is on the "Reds", and more specific, our Estate Malbec, which is produced from our Powerline Vineyard, and are some of the oldest Malbec vines in the Valley. This is a must "Taste", if available!

Come see, us if you're in the "Village", or at the very least, enjoy a bottle where ever you can find it.

Henderson Orchard
4122 Powerline Rd.
Walla Walla, WA. 99362


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